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There’s really nothing like a good visit from far-away family or an old friend.

Reminiscing in front of the fireplace …

Giggling over “in” jokes no one else understands …

Showing off your home and family to the people who knew you when …

Hosting house guests can be downright magical. After all, you’re not just reliving old memories. You’re making new ones too.

Make sure those memories are good ones. You’d be horrified if what your loved ones remembered most about their trip was that they were uncomfortable or didn’t have the basics they needed to enjoy themselves.

You want to earn the reputation of “Perfect Host,” not become notorious for an unwelcoming home. That alone can make hosting house guests stressful!

  • Maybe your in-laws just announced they’re finally ticking off that bucket list — with a cross-country adventure that includes a 2-week pitstop at your place.

  • Maybe you’re desperately trying to convince old college buddies to get the gang back together with an annual reunion tradition.

  • Or maybe you’re jumping on the Airbnb bandwagon and want to set yourself apart from the other 650,000 people vying for Superhost status.

​Whatever the reason, it’s likely your guest closet needs a make-over, and stat.

The perfect closet organization system is your secret weapon to help guests feel comfortable by making them feel at home. No one likes living out of a suitcase tossed
in the corner of a room - even if it is just for a weekend.

  • That’s why you need Closet Culture. Closet Culture is the do-it yourself closet organization brand that gives you that high-end professional look. And it comes with a brand-new online tool that helps you design the perfect DIY closet organization system. It’s called the EasyConfigurator, and it’s a game changer.
  • Not sure what the ideal guest closet looks like? Well, that’s as unique as your guests. But we did some research for you and put together a list of tips and tricks hospitality experts use to wow visitors.

So, whether you’re trying to impress your finicky Mother-in-Law or just need a strategically designed space for storage overflow, we’ve got some pretty neat closet hacks to share with you. They’re all here in this free download: How to Upgrade your Guest Closet to Superhost Status.

In this Guide:


An innovative new tool that helps you design the perfect closet for your family’s unique needs.

It’s perfect for any bedroom

But it’s especially great for the guest closet. Its modular design is completely adjustable so you can make large spaces for luggage and pull-out baskets for guest towels and linens.

Empower your guests

Give your visitors the organized space they need to unpack and be comfortable during their entire stay.

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