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Need help with installation? Here are some options you need to check out!

Apps like Handy, TaskRabbit and Thumbtack can help get your Closet Culture system installed in no time.

The Closet Culture organization system is designed to be easy to install, but if you don’t have time to install it yourself or just want some help getting your closet project over the finish line, here are some options for you to consider.

If you have a good handyperson who is familiar with your home, it makes sense to get a quote from him or her first. But if you don’t have someone like this available, you may be able to line up some installation help via your phone!

Over the past few years, apps like Handy, TaskRabbit and Thumbtack have been matching up homeowners with local installers in their area. The services are not offered in every city or town, but between all three apps there may be some good options for you and it’s worth checking out if their services are available in your local area.

Hiring an installer is a quick and painless process on all three apps. With TaskRabbit and Thumbtack you post your project and then the apps will match you up with potential installers. As bids come in, you can compare costs as well as the installer’s reviews and ratings to make the right choice for you.

Handy’s services are priced centrally – in other words, installers agree to the pricing that Handy sets. Handy also has 24/7 service, and there are no time windows – meaning if it’s an 11 AM appointment, they will be there at 11 o’clock, not between 11AM and 3PM. For closet installation, there’s a 2-hour minimum, and it costs $153, then pricing goes up from there based on how long it takes to complete.

To get an idea on how much it costs to use a service like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack, we looked for closet installation help in different markets around the country. Our research shows that pricing is pretty consistent from market to market – Elite taskers are charging $70 – $130/per hour, where regular taskers are charging between $30 – $90/per hour. Here’s how it broke down, market by market for regular taskers:

Boston $45-$95 / hr

Atlanta $30-$90 / hr

Chicago $30-$80 / hr

Los Angeles $45-$90 / hr

A 6’ reach-in closet from Closet Culture can typically be installed in under 3 hours including a small amount of demolition and patching. As the above table shows, it may be possible for you to get your new closet installed anywhere from $100 to $200 in most markets around the country. With the money you save with the Closet Culture system, you could have some budget left over for installation help. Use the EasyConfigurator to do your design, print it out and a local pro should be able to get your new closet put together in no time!

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